Welcome to Lords Pharmacy

We are your caring local independent pharmacy.

As well as giving you your prescriptions we are committed to helping keep you healthy. We can give you advice on your medicines, vaccinations, diet and many other health services, not just treat you when you are unwell.

We provide a high quality service and reliability is our priority. Our team is friendly and keen to help. Our pharmacists are fully qualified with a broad range of experience and are keen and happy to help.

Please have a look around our website for more information on how we can assist you.

You can also come into the pharmacy, you do not need to make an appointment, just pop in and talk to our friendly qualified pharmacist and team who will be happy to give you professional and confidential advice.

Featured Services

Flu vaccinations

Are you worried about catching flu? Perhaps you are concerned about having time off work, or maybe you want to make sure you do not pass it on to the more vulnerable members of your family. Whatever the reason, having a vaccination against this years strain of seasonal flu...

Travel Clinic

You can get all your travel medications and vaccines from us. There is no requirement to see your GP. It is important to speak with us about your requirements at least six weeks before you travel as some of the vaccines will need to be given as soon as possible. Our...

Community dosage systems

The community dosage system is a service for those patients who can’t remember to take their medications or struggle to take their medicines on time due to their conditions or circumstance. The pharmacy will put your medication in a weekly pack which is easy to follow,...